Choi Yun-jong even asks the police officer performing CPR on the victim to “give me water”

Choi Yun

-jong, the suspect in the ‘hiking trail rape and murder case’, was handed over to trial. Choi Yun-jong stated that he decided to commit the crime after seeing the ‘Busan roundhouse kick incident’, and it was revealed that even at the moment the police officer was performing CPR on the victim, he shamelessly asked for water, saying he was thirsty.

This is reporter Park Byeong-hyeon.


Choi Yun-jong has always insisted that it was not a planned crime.

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Last April, Choi Yun-jong bought a blunt weapon to use메이저놀이터 as a crime weapon.

Afterwards, the prosecution explained , he visited crime locations without CCTV and designated several locations as ‘candidate crime sites.’

It was also revealed that he had visited the hiking trail in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, dozens of times, where he committed the crime.

During the prosecution’s investigation, Choi Yoon-jong stated that after seeing the report on the ‘Busan spinning kick incident’, he decided to commit the crime.

After knocking the victim unconscious, he planned to commit the crime in a place without CCTV .

In particular, it was revealed that he asked the police officer performing CPR on the victim to give him water, saying he was thirsty.

The prosecution believes that the circumstances indicate that he was fully aware of the circumstances before and after the crime.

Additionally, no cognitive impairment was found in psychological evaluation.

These are the grounds to break the claim of mental and physical weakness that Choi Yun-jong will make during the trial.

The prosecution announced that it would prove ‘premeditatedness’ during the trial so that a heavy sentence could be imposed.

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