“Is this a beauty salon where lives are cut?” Anger boils over death of Daejeon teacher

In relation to the case of an elementary school teacher in Daejeon who made an extreme choice after suffering from malicious complaints from parents for four 온라인카지노years, some personal information of the parents identified as the perpetrators is spreading online, sparking anger among netizens.

On the 11th, an article titled ‘Recent status of Daejeon teacher’s perpetrator’s hair salon’ was posted on multiple online communities. The article included a photo of a hair salon run by one of the parents who reportedly filed a complaint against the deceased teacher.

Looking at the photos, the outside of the beauty salon was filled with angry post-it notes such as “This is the instigator,” “Murderer, ㅇㅇHair,” and “We need the death penalty because of people like you.” Even online, people ask, “Is this a hair salon that even cuts off teachers’ lives?” “Are you relieved to have tormented and killed your teacher?” Crude criticism is pouring in toward parents, such as “I feel sick to my stomach thinking about touching hair with the fingers that killed someone.”

The situation is the same for a restaurant known to be run by another parent. This is a franchise of the kimbap franchise, and in addition to the 1-point ‘star terror attack’, there was also a food terror attack involving ketchup and flour being sprayed at night. As controversy arose, the company was ordered to suspend operations by the head office.

On the 9th, the franchise headquarters said through social network service ( SNS ), “We are quickly confirming the contents of the franchise in question,” and “Regardless of the reason, we are suspending business until the contents are confirmed, and additional measures will be taken in the future depending on the facts.” “I plan to do it,” he said. However, it was confirmed that this restaurant was put up for sale on a real estate brokerage site last April. According to the site, the property was introduced as a ‘special property’ with a key money of 80 million won.

Meanwhile, according to the police and the Daejeon Teachers’ Union, Mr. A, an elementary school teacher in his 40s, made an extreme choice at home on the 5th and was taken to a nearby hospital, but died on the 7th. It is reported that Mr. A wrote his own case and reported it when the elementary school teachers’ union was recruiting cases of violation of teaching rights last July.

Ms. A’s report included circumstances in which, when she took over as a first-grade homeroom teacher in 2019, four of her students did not follow instructions and continued to harass students in the same class. In particular, it is said that Mr. A was accused of child abuse by the parents of the student and suffered complaints for several years because he asked the principal for guidance after a student repeatedly assaulted her friend.

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