Park Min-sik, who was sued by Moon Jae-in, “Whether it is Baek Sun-yeop or Moon’s father, life cannot be arbitrarily defined.”

Park Min-sik: “Former President Moon Jae-in’s father was never

accused of being pro-Japanese.” Former President Moon Jae-in sued Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Park Min-sik for calling his father a ‘pro-Japanese partisan.’

On the 12th, Rep. Yoon Kun-young of the Democratic Party of Korea, who served as the head of the Moon Jae-in administration’s State Affairs Situation Office, said, “Former President Moon filed a complaint against Minister Park this morning on charges of defamation of the dead. A secretary delegated by former President Moon submitted the complaint to the Yangsan Police Station. “He said.

Rep. Yoon continued, “This is because Minister Park criticized former President Moon’s father for being ‘pro-Japanese’ without any basis,” and added, “The ruling party in the government should immediately take action to politically abuse the former president’s father in order to cover up criticism of them.” “It has to stop,” he urged.

Meanwhile, Minister Park claimed on her Facebook page that day, “I never accused former President Moon’s father of being pro-Japanese.”

Minister Park said, “I attended the last National Assembly Political Affairs Committee meeting and in the process of answering, I tried to emphasize that the painful history of the past should not be used as a means of holding back the present and future. In the process, I, along with General Baek Sun-yup, spoke with former President Moon’s late father. was mentioned as an example, but the awareness of the problem is clear,” he said.

Minister Park said, “It is an extremely common sense saying, ‘Whether it is General Paik Sun-yup or the father of former President Moon Jae-in, the life of that person should not be defined arbitrarily. The same standards and standards should be applied to all people who lived during the painful era of Japanese colonial rule.’ “I did it,” he claimed.

He added, “We express deep disappointment and regret at the behavior of the former president, who distorts even his true feelings and is once again driving the political conflict into ‘anti-Japanese versus pro-Japanese’ through legal attacks.”

At the general meeting of the National Assembly’s Political Affairs Committee on the 6th, Minister Park asserted that General Paik Sun-yup, who served in the Gando Special Forces during the Japanese colonial period, was not pro-Japanese, saying, “If Baek Sun-yup was said to be pro-Japanese when he was 20 years old, former President Moon’s father, Moon Yong-hyung, is also about that age.” “It’s the same. At that time, I was the head of the agricultural section in Heungnam City메이저놀이터. The head of the agricultural section in Heungnam City was not pro-Japanese, and the second lieutenant at Manchuria Military Academy, Baek Seon-yup, was a pro-Japanese person,” he said.

Minister Park’s remarks sparked a heated debate among the ruling and opposition party lawmakers, and Democratic Party lawmaker Baek Hye-ryeon, chair of the Political Affairs Committee, pointed out, “I think the minister is going too far.”

Former President Moon’s father was born in Heungnam City, Hamgyeong Province in 1920 and worked as the head of the agricultural department at Heungnam City Hall before fleeing to South Korea during the Heungnam Evacuation Operation during the Korean War on June 25, 1950.

General Baek Seon-yup was born in Gangseo, South Pyongan Province in 1920 and entered the military service when he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Japanese Manchurian Army. During the Korean War, he served as commander of the 1st Division, Chief of Staff of the Army, Korean representative at the armistice talks, Korean Ambassador to China, and Minister of Transportation.

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