“What is the maximum rocket thrust?” Kim Jong-un asks questions

Chairman Kim Jong-un toured the Russian space base and asked many questions about technical issues and other questions. This part clearly shows what Chairman Kim Jong-un is most concerned about right now, after a series of recent satellite launch failures.

Then, reporter Kim A-young will tell us the extent to which North Korea can cooperate with Russia.


Chairman Kim Jong-un, who was listening to an explanation from a space base official with President Putin, seemed to be curious and pointed to something on the monitor and asked a question.

[Kim Jong-un/North Korea State Affairs Commission Chairman:메이저놀이터 Is this 8 meters including the assistant? How do you do this? (Yes, that’s right. A total of 8 meters.)]

It appears that I heard a description of Russia’s latest space rocket, the Angara series launch vehicle, and the Angara is also the rocket used in the first stage of our Narohove.

[The Angara rocket is modular. Putting a few things together… .]

Chairman Kim even directly asks about technical issues.

[Kim Jong-un/North Korean State Affairs Commission Chairman: What is the launch thrust of the largest large rocket that can be launched from this space launch pad? .] Jang Chang-ha, Director of the Agency for Defense Development and Kim Jeong-sik, Vice Minister of Military Industry, who are in charge of ICBM development in North Korea, were seen

on site touring the space base . [Kim Jong-un/North Korea State Affairs Commission Chairman: This is a flame… .]

Chairman Kim wrote in the guestbook that Russia’s glory for giving birth to the first space conquerors will be immortal, and his younger sister, Vice Minister Kim Yo-jong, was seen closely accompanying him.

There is also analysis that we may be able to get hints on how to improve the outdated Dongchang-ri launch site.

[Jang Young-geun/Center Director, Korea Institute for National Strategy: I have now seen that they are doing (engine) clustering in a much different way than theirs. I think they were curious about how much thrust it has.]

However, experts say that there are limitations because Russia’s latest model and North Korea’s current launch vehicle system are not compatible.

Unconventional plans such as providing military reconnaissance satellite technology or having Russia launch one on its behalf and share information with North Korea are also being discussed, but it is still unclear at what level cooperation will actually occur.

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