“I really don’t know” Parents… Husband of Daejeon teacher “I heard a lot of words”

Parents who are known to have filed malicious complaints against a Daejeon elementary school teacher who made an extreme choice are revealing their positions one after another. This is to explain that no malicious complaints have been filed.

The wife of the gym director, who was identified as one of the parents of the perpetrators, posted a post on an online community on the afternoon of the 11th and admitted, “Of the four students who showed problematic behavior, one was my child.”

However, he said, “I consulted with the teacher twice at the beginning of the 2019 semester, received a recommendation for psychological treatment, and continued to work on providing guidance at home.” “He claimed.

He emphasized, “As a teacher of children, I know all too well the hardships they face, so I couldn’t even think about treating the teacher carelessly.” He emphasized메이저놀이터, “After my child entered second grade, I never contacted him personally or saw him face to face.” .

In this article, Mr. A, the husband of the teacher who died, said, “I am the husband of a teacher. You are here now. He left a comment saying, “I heard a lot of things.”

On the morning of the same day, the gym director’s statement was posted on an online community.

The gym leader said, “When I read the article and the comments, my hands were shaking and I was so frustrated,” and “I know you did it with the intention of punishing the person who did something wrong, but we have nothing to do with this incident.”

In addition, they appealed, saying, “We really are not,” and “Please, we earnestly ask that no victims become victims of the witch hunt.”

In response, Mr. A wrote, “You can’t cover the sky with your palm.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with Yonhap News on the 12th, Mr. A expressed his frustration, saying, “My wife has suffered from parents, but as a teacher, I did not think it was right to report them,” and “I, too, have been watching this and have only been in pain.”

She continued, “The children are very anxious. “Because he doesn’t want to go to school yet, we are taking care of him 24 hours a day at home,” he said. “There are many restrictions on his activities.” “Even though I try to stay strong, it’s very difficult,” he said.

The Daejeon Teachers’ Union plans to meet with the bereaved family of the teacher who died on the 13th to discuss issues such as whether to file a police complaint against the parents of the perpetrator, its position on the parents of the perpetrator, and a request for the teacher to die in the line of duty.

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