Madasom, ‘first win’ in KLPGA career, rises 11 places in Wemix point ranking to ’17th’

Madasom (24, Samchully), who won her first win on the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, raised her Wemix point ranking by 11 places, making it possible for her to participate in the Wemix Championship.

Mada Som recorded her final total of 201 strokes, 15 under par, at the KLPGA Tour OK Financial Group Shotman Open (total prize money of 800 million won, winning prize money of 144 million won) held at Incheon Club 72 Country Club (par 72) on the 17th, the best of her life. Reported his first win. In particular, Mada Som won her championship trophy with a birdie after a match that went all the way to overtime with Jeong So-i (21, yellow whole chicken).

Mada Som, who played for the national team in메이저놀이터 2020 and entered the KLPGA tour last year, has been named in the ‘Top 10’ six times, including two runner-up finishes this year. Mada Som, who has consistently challenged herself to win, won the first title of her career at the OK Financial Group Shotman Open.

With this win, Madasom recorded the most points in the Wemix Point competition and moved up 11 places in the Wemix Point ranking to 17th place. Players ranked in the top 20 in the Wemix point rankings can participate in the Wemix Championship competition, which will be held for two days from November 18th to 19th. If Madasom maintains the above mix point ranking with good performance in the remaining games, she can challenge to win the championship.

Meanwhile, Wemix Points is a new golf point system calculated based on the official records of KLPGA Tour regular competitions, and rankings are determined by adding up a total of three points. ▲’Wemade Grand Prize Points’ awarded to 1st to 10th place final score of the competition ▲’Shots Allocation’ calculated by converting the final round’s performance into the number of strokes for each hole ▲’Additional points’ given for consecutive top 10 entries and cut-off penalty are added up The total score is calculated as Wemix points.

After the end of the season, prize money worth a total of 500,000 WEMIX will be paid out to the top 60 WEMIX points. The first place winner receives a prize of 90,000 Wemix.

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