Breaching Gloria

Recently, while preparing vanilla icing for a tray of cooling cinnamon buns, I heard Todd yell from the bathroom.

“Gloria, I haven’t got a towel!” It prompted my memory: I’d washed them earlier and had forgotten to replace them. However, there were plenty in the hallway.
“Linen cupboard,” I called back. He thudded down the passageway naked and wet. Hot, I thought.

“Sorry,” I said, gawking over my shoulder.

My husband has always looked after himself. He turns me on. He’s reminded me of Bruce Willis ever since he shaved his head three years ago. To complement the look, he lifts massive weights to tone his arms and chest, and he’s well hung. I’m blessed.


I heard Todd chuckle behind me, turned and saw his wide grin as he towelled his back in the kitchen doorway. Stretched out like that, he showed off his narrow waste and flat stomach, the neat line of hair joining his belly button to his cock. His eyes snaked the length of my body.

“Just want to see me naked, huh?” he said. I turned and pretended the washing required my full attention, “You’re lookin’ good babe.” After a second, Todd’s shower-cool hands squeezed my waist. He kissed the back of my neck.

“My wife is sexy as hell,” he said, releasing the clasp that held up my hair.

“Thanks, Hon,” I said.

I felt his hardness press against one butt cheek and smiled to myself in the glass. I was wearing a short netball skirt, white button-down blouse and red lipstick that Todd said made my dark eyes more intense. I twisted so I could see him, the blue-eyed man I loved and had slept beside for the last seven years: my best friend.

“You know this is my fantasy,” Todd said in that low voice I recognized. “Where I bend you over the sink and fuck you from behind.” He flexed his dick. Adrenaline pumped throughout my body, startling my steady pulse.

“Oh, that one,” I said, leaning back against his warm chest. One of his hands worked its way up my outer thigh, beneath my skirt.

“Yep,” he said in a breathy tone, “You are my ultimate fantasy.” My stomach sank. I knew he was lying. I remembered a conversation we’d had years ago.

“Do straight guys really fantasize about anal sex?” I asked, hiding my excitement.

We had just celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary and one of his magazines lay open on my lap.

“It does make me horny,” he said. He gave me a thoughtful look. “Gloria, you do have a great ass.”

“Do you feel like you’re missing out?” I persisted. Todd shrugged then grinned.

“Are you offering?” he said.

“I wasn’t brought up that way,” I reminded him.

When Todd had fucked me after that brief conversation, I closed my eyes and imagined his cock was inside my ass instead of my pussy. I imagined myself bent face down over the sofa in high heels, legs spread, his cock fiercely pumping my backside. In this playground of fantasy he used obscene, fantastic words that I knew were evil: sodomy, buggery, anal fucking. I had climaxed with those filthy words in my head.

“There are things I want to do to you,” Todd said, as though he sensed where I’d drifted off. His hand tugged my panties down then he snaked his fingers around to my pussy and began stroking. I moistened and swelled under his expert touch. Todd’s other hand lifted my skirt right up so I felt the heat of his naked cock resting between my bum cheeks. That was allowed. I’d let him oil up his cock plenty of times and rub it between my breasts, against my stomach, between my butt cheeks.

Todd kissed down the side of my throat until my skin tingled like sunburn.

“Spread your legs,” he whispered, and then pulled me back against him. He pushed my panties further down and they slid to the floor. My heart was thumping away like a freight train. I stepped out of my panties and opened my legs.

“I like being half dressed when we do it,” I said. “It makes me feel dirty.”

“Like the other day,” Todd said, “just before your book club got here.”

“On the coffee table on all fours,” I said and giggled, “jeans around my knees. They’d never have looked me in the eye again if they’d seen us.”

I spread my legs further and focussed on Todd’s fingers using juice from my pussy to wet the outer lips.

“You’re so wet,” Todd said.

“You have great hands,” I returned. He made a pleased sound and slid his thumb back and forth just inside my pussy opening. Then he rubbed the thick shaft of his cock against the long crease over my tight, back entrance. I had the sudden, desperate urge to feel it shoved inside me. I moaned and pushed back against him.

“I like that,” I said. Todd squeezed his hips forward against me then pushed down on my back so I was bent over, jammed up against the bench.

“Don’t treat me like a lady,” I breathed. “I want it hot and rough and dirty.”

“Oh yeah?” said Todd. Excitement ran through me about what he could do with me spread open in front of him, defenceless and accessible. Todd rubbed slippery fingers against my clit. My pussy opened like a split peach.

“You feel wet and ready for my cock,” he growled against my ear.

“Very ready,” I agreed.

Todd ran his hands up to my ribs, cupping my breasts in his warm palms. I could have screamed in frustration; he was such a gentleman.

When Todd undid the buttons of my blouse and swiped tacky thumbs across my nipples, I realized it was my pussy juice. I jutted my bum and dipped my back, displaying my pussy to him.

“Todd, please fuck me,” I begged.

“You sexy, little bitch!” he growled, then squeezed my nipples. Little electric shots sprang back into my chest. I arched further and felt Todd hard against the hot, tissue-paper flesh around my ass. Dripping with readiness, I imagined saying: “Fuck my ass, honey; spear that big, hard dick up my butt.” But I couldn’t. Years of conditioning and restraint stopped me.

“I love when you bend me over and fuck me,” I said, wishing he would decode my signals and take my virgin ass right there in the kitchen. But Todd was well behaved, of course.

“Loose little slut,” he teased. I giggled, leaned even further down till my nipples touched the bubbly dishwater and had to lift my chin to keep dry. Todd pushed his dick against my wet, swollen slit. The full length of his cock slid right in.

“Uuhh,” I groaned, as my body accepted the intrusion.

“Baby you feel so good,” he said. One of his hands squeezed my breast while the other played with my clit. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the delicious sensation of Todd’s cock; the pull and drag as it pushed in and out.

“Rough you said?” confirmed Todd.

“Uh huh,” I answered.

Todd used both hands to pull my ripe pussy lips apart until they stung. He jabbed his buried cock harder and deeper until his balls felt like they were trying to force their way inside.

“You like that?” he rasped.

“Ohhh, yeah.” I gave the sink my full weight while Todd filled and stretched my pussy to the limit. Orgasm hit me like a pleasure mallet. I moaned and bowed my back.

When I surfaced, I realized Todd had not come. I sensed an opportunity.

“That was sensational,” I said. Todd hugged me round the waist, but I stayed still. “You want to try something a bit more intense?” I asked. I held my breath; my heart hammered.

“What do you mean?” Todd said. He’d had gone very still and I panicked for a second. What if he’d gone off the idea or thought I was a slut? How would I feel afterwards?

“Do you still want to try anal?” I asked. You could’ve heard a pin drop. Then words gushed out like a river breaking its banks.

“Oh god Gloria, it’s my ultimate fantasy,” he enthused. “You have the most beautiful ass. You’ve no idea how long I’ve wanted to fuck it.” I smiled with relief.

“Okay,” I said, “Let’s do it.”

Todd was still buried inside my pussy. When I contracted around him, I felt the tight anal passage contract too. It seemed just like another sexual opening available for pleasure, my pleasure. Bent right over, tits in the warm water and horny as hell, I was finally ready to have my ass fucked.

When I looked back, Todd’s face was red, his eyes half closed with lust. He smiled in that way that stopped my heart. I remembered how amazing he looked in a tux on our wedding day, the way we stared out the hotel window at the city lights while he fucked me on our wedding night. We were so happy. I didn’t care if anyone saw us in the waterfront room. I just loved him; his body was mine, my body his.

Now we were going to do this intimate thing for the first time.

“Do you know what to do?” I asked. Todd rained kisses down my backbone while I writhed.

“Yep,” he said and turned so his dick pulled back an inch or so. “We need something slippery
get you ready. I’ll use my fingers first.”

Then a tremor ran through me like I was about to bungee jump. I realized it was really going to happen. Todd was going to ram his cock inside my ass.

“I’ll use some oil,” Todd said. He reached for a bottle sitting on the bench and ran a gentle hand down my spine to where my back became my buttocks. “I won’t hurt you Gloria.”

“I love you,” I said. Todd whispered that he loved me too, then I heard a lid being unscrewed and felt the thick dribble of oil on my buttocks. Forbidden, delicious words ran through my mind; ass fucking; buggery. Oh god!

“Feels warm,” I said as I felt the firm, squeezing action of his massage.


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